A Guide On Physical Activity For Kids Under 5

Exercise is essential for everyone’s health. No matter what age you are, performing physical activities should be part of your routine, even for young children under five. If you are a parent, you are responsible for ensuring your kid is physically active every day.

However, how much is too much when we’re talking about physical activity for kids? The age of your child determines the amount of exercise, but in general, any activity of any intensity—light or energetic—is encouraged.

Check out our guide below on exercises for children under five:


Even before a baby starts to crawl, parents should encourage your child to move around. You can keep them physically active by motivating them to reach and grasp, push and pull, and moving their head and body. Once your baby learns to crawl, encourage them to move around and engage in floor play.

Parents must prepare a safe environment for their babies to play. Parent supervision is also crucial during these playtimes.

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Toddlers that can walk without the help of their parents should be physically active every day. Parents need to make sure they are active for at least three hours throughout the day, indoors or outdoors. In these three hours, you can encourage your kids to roll around, skip, hop and jump.

At this stage of life, it is the best time to introduce games and more complex activities. For example, teach your toddler to ride a bike or catching a ball.

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Unless it’s bedtime, all children under the age of five should be active and about. In this digital age, kids may prefer to watch TV or play smartphone games, but being inactive for long periods isn’t healthy. It may be challenging, but parents need to encourage their kids to exercise to avoid gaining too much weight.

At this age, parents can engage with their kids with games such as Simon Says or a scavenger hunt. However, as long as the activity gives your child a proper workout, it should be alright.


To ensure your children are active and happy, parents should try their best to participate in these activities with them. Not only will exercising with your kids keep them healthy, but it is also a great bonding time with the family.

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