Digi Malaysia: Internet Package & A lot more

Acquire Smartphone, Get Prepaid & More using Digi

Green, blue, orange, or yellow is right now no longer just four colors we learn in school. Within the telecommunication segment, each of these colors represents a portion of the top players in the telecom field. In this post, we provide you with the very best of them all purely for your thinking.

Digi Malaysia is among the pioneers in the market. Most widely known to its earlier campaign “Bersamamu” as well as yellow Digi Man simply following customers in ads, Digi brings joy to our lives by stepping up this game that benefits users. They usually have great internet package & other deals to select.

If you are searching around to have a mobile prepaid plan, it is strongly advised that you simply try Digi out. While there is no commitment, why not give their prepaid plan a trial and experience very fast mobile data with a 4G LTE connection, plus 1000 minutes worth of free call time to some of your Buddyz.

One other popular choice for users is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing every postpaid plan in Malaysia, it is possible to deduce that Digi will have the cheapest plan on the market, from RM50 for everyone in need of the lowest monthly commitment, and merely RM250 for a family postpaid plan for as many as 5 users.

Digi knows better if the marketplace needs, along with the plus side to them is they’re always ready to deliver. With all the current hype for Apple products, Digi began supplying a great package deal for smartphone purchases like the iPhone 8 that is included with their postpaid plan. This is definitely really a big plus for people like us!

For Android lovers, never frown. Digi has all sorts of Android phones, much like the Samsung Galaxy S8 even more models from Vivo and Huawei to choose between. Further, each of the smartphone prices is a lot less expensive as compared to the market price, and all you need in exchange is to purchase their postpaid plan.


Still, it’s unarguable that today, we really rely more on the online world to connect, and much less to make calls and send messages. Comprehending this, Digi has ensured that each its plans offer the best internet package to get at present, be it to obtain a postpaid, prepaid, or even for the high-speed broadband package.

This doesn’t end there. As quite a few people have also the need to contact some other people overseas equally for personal & commercial reasons, they could save the most with Digi simply because this network provider provides free international calling or IDD depending on the plan. For travelers, they’re going to experience the affordable roaming.

To summarize, a clever consumer is fully aware of deciding what works best for them. With that said, Digi probably will not be becoming more popular over Maxis and Celcom if not for the awe-inspiring deals they’ve got for the consumers. We hope this time, we’ll convince that you consider Digi as your favored network provider.