Goodbye breast milk, hello formula milk!

Growing baby, of course, the amount of milk needed is increasing. Good and balanced nutrition is also important for the growth of small babies. For some mothers, sometimes your body may not produce enough milk at certain times in order to meet the needs of a constantly hungry child. And working mothers also will not have enough time to express milk for your child’s savings. This is where the use of baby formula milk can help solve the problem. But when it’s time to choose the best baby formula milk for babies, there are many parents who find it difficult to make decision as the baby’s digestive system is still immature and it is quite sensitive to any changes in food intake.

Furthermore, to buy a baby formula milk there needs to be knowledge too. Fear of misappropriation will be wasted. And initially children who are accustomed to drinking breast milk, definitely will reject a baby formula milk because of the smell and taste is slightly different from the mother’s milk.

But do not be worried. Nowadays, most of formula milk in the market it’s just like breast milk. And with such ingredients as DHA and EPA, A-Protein as well as Calcium, formula milk can stimulate the development of the baby completely. For that, today, we’ll list the best formula milk to help you. Let’s check!

pediasure baby formula milk

Enfalac A +

Enfalac A + Step 1 is rich with DHA + ARA, specially designed for long-term use from newborns to their age of 12 months. It contains DHA and ARA that can contribute to the development of our baby to be healthier and active. It also contains rice starch for babies who often vomit.

The content of rice starch in infant formula milk helps to strengthen it to reduce the risk of our child’s vomiting regularly. Enfalac A + is formulated with a combination of prebiotic mixes such as GOS and PDX patented in America, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. However, be careful when buying these formula milk. Make sure it is genuine and not artificial milk powder.


The well-known formula milk in the market, Nestle produces an ideal milk formula for preemie infants. Premature babies born a few months before the proper date, suffer from weight loss and nutrition.

Hence, this formula milk is specially formulated to support the preemie infant’s weight requirements to achieve the ideal weight of a normal baby of 4kg. In fact, for premature babies, breast milk is the best milk to provide nutrients and protein substances that the baby needs. This milk is another alternative to the baby getting more nutrients and vitamins.

SNOW Neo Kid Plus Step 3

The Snow Brand formula milk has long been in the Malaysian market for the last 40 years and amongst one of the leading brands of dairy industry in Japan. This formula is suitable for baby from 1 to 3 years of age to build and connect brain cells perfectly and help the body development of the baby.

Equipped with a variety of vitamins and minerals to ensure your child is smart and always fit all the time. This formula milk also provides essential nutrients in the diet of your baby and makes it more balanced.


A couple of years ago, Pediasure Complete is well-known as a brand that can add weight to your child as early as 1 year to 10 years old. Does your child often have problems with eating well? This formula can ensure your child is no longer a picky eater and can eat without any refusal. This milk contains probiotics and prebiotics that can enhance and smoothen the function of digestive tract of the baby into more orderly.

In lieu of the complete nutrition your child needs, this milk is the choice of mothers out there. Although the price of Pediasure milk is expensive, but the results are very satisfying. Your child is bigger and weighs more muscle and it’s almost rare for a fever.

DUMEX Dugro Soy

Are your children often vomit and diarrhoea every time they drink formula milk? As we all know, most formula milk contains cow milk formula so children may have allergic milk or lactose intolerance in some formula milk.

Hence, DUMEX Dugro produces the best range of formula products in the market by offering a complete and nutritious soy formula for your children who are allergic to cow’s milk. Now you do not have to worry, Dugro Soy can provide a balanced diet for the little one as other formula milk products.

Friscolac Comfort

Frisolac is specially designed for babies with digestive problems such as vomiting, flatulence & constipation. This milk has a balanced formula that contains a variety of essential nutrients that our spiders need like linoleic acid and 5 types of nucleotides.

It is formulated with carob nut gum, which contains fibre with an intense nature to provide help to symptoms of vomiting in infants, constipation and bloating. This baby formula milk really suitable for infants suffering from this problem. These are the best formula for baby constipation in the market.

To conclude

There is no the same best formula for all babies! Each child has different digestive tract so as a parent, you should try to find the most suitable formula for your baby. Make sure it’s original and no side effects occur after the usage. Anyhow, parents are advised to talk to specialist doctors, child-specialists or lactation experts before trying any infant formula milk.