Must have things in your car when travelling

Certainly many are planning to return home on school holidays next week. Are you travelling back hometown? Me and my family will travel to south Malaysia with our SUV. So here are some travel tips and things you need to have for you before embarking on a trip to your hometown or the destination you want to visit.

SUV mitsubishi motors malaysia travel tips

Emergency kit

As always, everyone should have a first aid kit in their car. That includes you as well. Please have a emergency kit in your car. At least the minimum things. In the box, you can add ointment oil, Vicks and Gamat oil in addition.

Cable jumper

Your car battery may sometimes be just suddenly drained. So it’s best to set up a jumper cable so you can get help from the next car. Nowadays there is a jumper that looks like a powerbank. That’s better. I’ve never tried to start a car using this type of jumper. Small but power and easy to keep.

Spare tire

Check your spare tire. Make sure it contains enough air and is in good condition. We will not overlook the importance of this spare tire if it does not matter.

Car tire air pump

This is important. If your tire is flatted, this can help you before you go to a nearby oil station to pump your tire right. This pump is a live saver whenever you unable to connect anyone in a rural place. It is take times and energy to do this but it will give you live line to ensure you able to keep driving.

Jack & lug wrenches

If there is a spare tire, neither of these items will work. This is an important item that should be in your car. Jack up your car and lug wrenches to open your tire nut. Make sure that when you use sport rims, the sockets for the special nuts are included.


These are the travel tips for you. There may be items on this list that eat up your car’s bonnet space but they can be helpful when you’re having trouble. When you get home you can save it in the store and if you want to make the long trip again, please bring it back. Provide an umbrella before it rains, right? Be careful on the road!