What to do before you trade in your smartphone

What should you do with your old smartphone when you get a new one? Do you keep it? Do you pass it to someone else? Or do you trade in your phone?

There are a few benefits if you choose to trade in your phone: you make money, you’re clearing up space in your home, and you’re helping the environment.

Before you decide to trade in your phone, you should take these few steps:

Backup your phone

If you have a lot of personal data on your phone, it may be a good idea to back up the data on your phone in a secure place. You can transfer your backed up data later into your new phone.

iPhone users can tap into the Settings and back up your data into the iCloud. If you had it disabled it before, you can enable it now. Android phones don’t have a fixed cloud system, but you can copy your files by plugging a USB cable or back them up with Google Sync.

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Perform a factory reset

You may think manually deleting the pictures, data and applications on your phone, but it’s safer to perform a full factory reset. A factory reset removes all data on your phone and returns it into default settings, basically the condition it was in when you first purchased the device.

You can perform factory resets with both iPhones and Android phones.

Remove any SIM or SD cards

You can take a further step of protecting your data by removing your SIM or SD card. If you own an Android phone, remember to take out any SD card you are using to expand your phone’s storage space.

Clean your phone

You want your phone in the best condition possible when you trade in your smartphone. Clean your screen with a dry cloth and make sure it’s clear of dirt and dust.

It’s unlikely that a company will reject your phone because it’s dirty, but it’s just courteous to pass your phone clean to trade in.


These are the basic things you should do before you trade in your phone. Ensure that you keep your data protected and don’t take any risks.

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