Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

The concept of coworking spaces has been getting a lot of buzz in recent times for a good reason. Not only is the environment in coworking spaces a refreshing change from boring, dull offices, but the sense of community in a coworking space also attracts many entrepreneurs.

Most shared workspaces offer hot-desks, private desks and private suites. These places also often provide amenities like printers, high-speed internet and mail-handling. However, who are the people that use these coworking spaces and facilities?

Here’s a list of the usual people you can find in coworking spaces:


Probably the most frequent users of shared workspaces, start-ups are often a smaller group of people that need an area to work together. When coffee shops get too distracting and too cramped for a growing business, getting desks in a coworking space seems like a wiser choice.

As start-up groups are not as financially stable or large as a corporate, moving into a coworking space also saves costs. There are also not as much commitment as moving into a private office that is too big for the team.

coworking space


Another usual suspect in the coworking space is freelancers. This type of people generally do not have a fixed workplace and can be seen in anywhere as long there is a table, a place to charge their laptop and a source of coffee. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt is why most freelancers also enjoy working in coworking spaces which allows them to communicate with other people.

While freelancers can choose to work in the comfort of their homes, they may find their home too relaxed. Working in a coworking space will keep their productivity up and away from distractions.

Large organisations

Most people mistake coworking spaces as a workplace for entrepreneurs and freelancers, but it can work with larger organisations as well. More companies are moving out from boring and dull offices and adopting the community lifestyle in coworking spaces too.

Coworking spaces often also have an area to host events, which may be suitable for the activities of larger companies. The versatility of coworking spaces is guaranteed to fit every need of these corporations.

It’s for everyone

If you think there is a criterion for people to work in coworking space, you’re hugely mistaken. A coworking space is suitable for everyone that needs a working space and interested in the community culture.

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